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Pharmacy Mall - Coupon Code Gives Discount on this Canadian Online Website (Viagra and Cialis Available)

With the internet being a constant part of almost everyone’s lives, people’s lifestyles have also drastically changed. A few decades ago, who would have thought that we can buy virtually [almost] everything online, even our medications? While local pharmacies still exist to this day, consumers are eager to purchase their medicines from online sources like web pharmacies in order to save money and time.

When it comes to online shopping for medicines, Pharmacy Mall is one of the biggest competitors in the market. While most stores come and go, Pharmacy Mall is here to stay – it has been around for decades, supplying customers with high-quality medications with affordable prices and reliable service.

But what makes Pharmacy Mall one of the best choices when it comes to online medicine shopping? Aren’t there plenty of other internet pharmacies to choose from? Read on to find out why we think Pharmacy Mall is worth its salt.

What is Pharmacy Mall?

Pharmacy Mall is one of the leading web pharmacies in the market. It has been around since 2001, a time when the online pharmacy industry and basically all other internet-based industries are still booming, which means that it is older than most online drugstores in the market. This store is a well-accredited shop recognized by renowned Canadian drug associations.

With the rising costs of medications in the market, buyers are looking for alternative sources for their medications aside from the overpriced products at the local drugstores. Pharmacy mall is one of these reliable sources of medicines – it is a hub of medicines from international suppliers that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Since the medicines on Pharmacy Mall are mostly generic, you can expect prices that are utterly low, lower than most local drugstore prices for the same meds.

Some of the most popular medications on Pharmacy Mall include products for the following medical conditions:

  • Hypertension
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Diabetes

Pharmacy Mall offers a full range of products for a plethora of medical conditions – not just the categories above. Medicines on Pharmacy Mall are grouped according to the medical conditions they are significant to so they are easy to spot, even by consumers who do not know their meds’ generic or brand names. However, Pharmacy Mall also has a search function available for better access to the medicines.

All of the medicines sold by the store are safe and effective to use and the products on Pharmacy Mall do not require any prescriptions since all of the products sold by Pharmacy Mall are not controlled substances and are legal everywhere. However, if you’re going to purchase your medicines on Pharmacy Mall, make sure to consult your doctor first before taking any of the products from the store for the best outcome.

You can count on Pharmacy Mall’s international shipping – this online drugstore caters to clients regardless of where they are in the world. Wherever continent you’re in, Pharmacy Mall only charges $10 for the regular shipping fee. If you want a faster option though, the shop has a swifter EMS (express mail service) option available for its buyers, so waiting time may be kept at a minimum, say, 7 to 9 days compared to the usual 3-week wait time for the regular shipping option.

While Pharmacy Mall hasn’t yet expanded is payment options, most buyers can take advantage of the store’s VISA or MasterCard credit card payments since most of the buyers have either VISA or MasterCard. To keep its clients safe, the store has SSL security to ward off hackers and keep them from stealing financial information from the users.

It might seem that Pharmacy Mall is just like your average online drugstore, but the shop has some serious benefits in store for its buyers.

The Pharmacy Mall Advantage

While Pharmacy Mall is not as gorgeous as most modern, 2010+ born online drugstores, this web drugstore is packed with benefits. Looks may not be this shop’s strongest suit, but Pharmacy Mall is a very serious competitor in the market. Take a look at Pharmacy Mall’s edge over other web drugstores:

  • Unbelievable web tenure. Honestly, not all web drugstores get to last for more than a year, let alone decades, like Pharmacy Mall. It takes immense staying power and effort (and good credibility) for any online drugstore (or for any web-based business for that matter) to last for decades, so it’s really a big deal that Pharmacy Mall is able to last for years.
  • Won’t break the bank. Since the shop Pharmacy Mall has mostly generic products available, buyers can save a lot on medicines when they choose Pharmacy Mall. For instance, instead of the buyers paying for nearly a hundred bucks for impotence medicines, Pharmacy Mall offers less than a dollar prices for technically the same products.
  • Eye-catching deals. Besides the already good prices on Pharmacy Mall, the store also had promotional offers and deals in place for the buyers. Buyers can enjoy the following deals:
    • Free shipping: Pharmacy Mall is offering waived shipping fees on orders more than $200.
    • Freebie pills: All orders on Pharmacy Mall are granted pills on their every order, gratis. You don’t need to do anything – just order medicines on Pharmacy Mall and you’ll get the freebie pills.
    • Bulk order prices: Consumers with more orders are entitled to even lower prices at Pharmacy Mall! The discounts are automatically applied upon checkout.
    • Special checkout discounts: Pharmacy Mall also has surprise discounts for its buyers upon checkout, especially for consumers with large orders.
    • Voucher codes and seasonal coupons: While coupons aren’t immediately visible on the Pharmacy Mall platform, customers are instructed to wait for special vouchers or coupon codes from Pharmacy Mall, especially during holidays or special website occasions.
  • Extensive product selection. While most web pharmacies have a limited product line-up (for instance, a line-up that’s only focused on impotence medicines), the Pharmacy Mall shop offers a hefty roster of medications. Buyers can explore prescription and non-Rx meds, herbal treatments, medical supplies, vitamins and supplements, and more on the platform.
  • High-quality, FDA-approved products. Besides Pharmacy Mall being able to present a host of modestly-priced medications, the store also assures its buyers that all of its products are approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This means that apart from being genuine and from reliable manufacturers, products found in the shop are safe to use and are excellent enough to carry out the therapeutic effect they were meant for.
  • Helpful customer support team. One of the best points of Pharmacy Mall (aside from the good prices, deals, and extensive product selection) is the store’s reliable customer support team. A responsive, caring support team is pivotal to any business – sometimes, a store’s overall performance boils down to how its support team is able to handle inquiries, complaints and other concerns. Fortunately for Pharmacy Mall, the store has a helpful, responsive and friendly customer support team that’s able to provide assistance to buyers with all sorts of concerns for their orders, delivery and other aspects of their Pharmacy Mall use.
  • Easy order process. Pharmacy Mall isn’t complicated to operate – the store’s a no-brainer and you don’t have to sign up immediately to access all the store’s contents. Pharmacy Mall is known for offering a guest checkout function so buyers can shop easily on the store. Buyers who want to order from Pharmacy Mall only need to follow this simple order process:
    • Step 1: Visit Pharmacy Mall and browse the store for the product you need. You can use the drug list or use the shop’s search integration.
    • Step 2: Add the items to cart. You don’t have to register before you can add items to your cart, so add everything you want.
    • Step 3: Click Checkout. Pharmacy Mall is customer-friendly enough that even if new buyers can order without signing up. Checkout is also a breeze – you only have to follow the instructions for shipping and billing. And that’s pretty much it.
  • Money back guarantee. A store is only as good as its money back guarantee or refund policy. While Pharmacy Mall does not allow product returns in compliance with international regulations for medicines, the store offers a money-back guarantee for buyers as long as within the refund clauses. Buyers can have refunds or reshipments in case of the following instances:
    • Damaged orders
    • Wrong items received
    • Orders delivered to the wrong address
    • Missing orders
    • Incomplete orders
    • Late orders
    • Ineffective products
  • Buyers are advised to reach out to the store’s customer support team so they can get assistance for their refunds or reshipment concerns.
  • Excellent buyer feedback. Pharmacy Mall has exceptional buyer feedback from its customers. While rarely do online drugstores have buyer testimonials from their clients, the Pharmacy Mall shop is able to have a plethora of authentic buyer reviews on the web.

About the Pharmacy Mall Team

Manned by professionals from the business and marketing, medical, tech, and pharmaceutical industries, the Pharmacy Mall team is a collection of great minds dedicated to the service of buyers all over the world. The core of Pharmacy Mall’s service is to help buyers gain access to affordable medical treatments, and that’s where the Pharmacy Mall team comes back to when it comes to running the whole operation.

Conceived by the desire to make things easier for buyers with the need for cheaper medications, Pharmacy Mall operates with a goal of connecting buyers to international manufacturers of affordable but high-quality medications.

Pharmacy Mall staff come together to bring buyers the best online pharmacy experience they could ever have. While the team is still working on how Pharmacy Mall can look better and keep up with how most enticing websites look, the Pharmacy Mall team makes sure that the website runs smoothly on a daily basis. They always come up with ideas to help buyers maximize the value of their money while shopping on Pharmacy Mall, that’s why there’s always something new or surprising for buyers when they visit the store.

Why Choose Generics at Pharmacy Mall?

Generic medications may have been unpopular in the past, but they’ll be taking over the world soon. Generic medications have the same molecular components as their brand name treatment counterparts, which means that they are as good as the brand name medicines but they cost less.

Most of the medicines sold at Pharmacy Mall are generic and from reputable manufacturers all over the world. These generic medicines are genuine and sourced directly from renowned drug manufacturers like Cipla, Sun Pharma, Zydus Cadila, Pfizer, GSK, and plenty others.

Pharmacy Mall is confident that all of its generic products are manufactured under the most stringent conditions, at FDA, GMP, and WHO certified plants of these renowned drug manufacturers. Apart from originating from renowned drug companies, all of the products of Pharmacy Mall, especially the generics, are FDA approved and are guaranteed safe and effective to use.

Why waste money on brand medicines that cost almost as expensive your mortgage when you have generic alternatives that are as effective but not as exorbitantly priced? Try Pharmacy Mall’s generic medicines and experience the same therapeutic effect but spend less!

Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra at Pharmacy Mall

Some of the specialty medicines at Pharmacy Mall are the renowned impotence medicines Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Pharmacy Mall offers a plethora of generic alternatives for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra but only for a fraction of the local drugstore prices for these brand name options.

Here’s a price comparison for generic Viagra, Cialis and Levitra and the brand name counterparts at local drugstores:

  • Brand Viagra (Pfizer) 100 mg at local drugstores: $60 to $84 each – Pharmacy Mall Price: $0.27 each
  • Brand Cialis (Eli Lilly) 20 mg at local drugstores: $61 to $82 each – Pharmacy Mall Price: $0.68 each
  • Brand Levitra (Bayer/GSK) 20 mg at local drugstores: $56 to $70 each – Pharmacy Mall Price: $1.00 each

There is an immense difference between local drugstore prices and Pharmacy Mall prices for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. This means that consumers looking forward to cheaper (but safe) erectile dysfunction (ED) treatments should seriously look into purchasing these medicines at Pharmacy Mall instead.

Buyers do not need prescriptions for these medicines at Pharmacy Mall – the store allows no Rx purchases for Viagra, Cialis and Levitra although buyers should consult their doctors first regarding their intake of these medicines to ensure their safety while taking these products.

Pharmacy Mall assures that all of their Viagra, Cialis and Levitra products are FDA certified and effective – buyers can refer to the store’s testimonials for assurance when it comes to the quality of the meds sold by the shop.

Special Offers at Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall understands that value offers are very important to the buyers, that’s why the shop has focused on delivering buyer deals that are certain to save more when using Pharmacy Mall for their medicines.

Pharmacy Mall offers plenty of buyer deals for its buyers to enjoy, like for instance, free shipping, additional discounts for buyers with orders $200 up, bulk order discounts and more!

While most online drugstores somewhat neglect their buyers’ need to save more, Pharmacy Mall is focused on making medicines affordable to its ailing clients.

Apart from the special deals mentioned, Pharmacy Mall is also rewarding its loyal customers with discounts and freebies – just ask the customer support team for more details.

Because of the special offers and discounts on Pharmacy Mall, the shop continues to be one of the top picks for web medicine shopping!

We Value Your Privacy

One of the things Pharmacy Mall constantly values is its clients’ privacy. Pharmacy Mall is dedicated to protecting its buyers’ privacy, that’s why the store has a no spam policy. Pharmacy Mall does not send out spam messages – only order updates and other necessary information regarding upcoming deals and new products that you might find helpful.

Pharmacy Mall will never sell your information online – whatever info you share with the store will be for the store’s eyes only and for essential updates regarding orders, shipments, and new releases.

Pharmacy Mall has SSL security to help safeguard the buyer information during checkout. Pharmacy Mall never stores financial information since it only redirects the buyers to an encrypted payment gateway and does not process the payments on the Pharmacy Mall platform.

Bottom Line

Pharmacy Mall is currently one of the hottest places to shop medicines from – this 2001 incepted store is packed with a wide range of generic medicines for various clinical conditions, with an emphasis on medicines for impotence, fertility, pain relief, and several others.

Buyers who want to use the store may find Pharmacy Mall one of the best when it comes to drug prices – Pharmacy Mall has some of the cheapest prices for FDA-approved generics that work 100%. Apart from giving the lowest prices for its medicines, the store also has the best deals, ranging from free shipping and freebies on every order to seasonal coupon codes and loyalty discounts for returning buyers.

If you haven’t tried Pharmacy Mall yet or are curious about shopping for your medicines online, Pharmacy Mall should be on top of your list – you should definitely give this shop a try!

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